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We are a Hong Kong-based law firm with a team of more than 25  Hong Kong lawyers. We have notary public,  China-Appointed Attesting Officer and more than 15 civil celebrant of marriages.


Our lawyers specialise in simple legal works. As examples, we handle and file more than 200 divorce cases with the Hong Kong divorce court each month, more than 100 bankruptcy applications to the Hong Kong bankruptcy court each month. Divorce petitions and bankruptcy petitions are filed with court every day and can therefore be speedily dealt with and completed on a timely basis. Legal fees are low because our cost is low: non-prime law office locations and some are self-owned law office premises.

‧divorce matters ‧probate applications
‧bankruptcy petitions ‧wedding celebrants
‧wills drafting ‧deed polls
‧company formation ‧real properties deals

Strong Legal Team & Convenient Law Offices

We have more than 25 lawyers qualified to practise Hong Kong laws and about 100 supporting legal staff. Many are qualified legal executives who possess basic legal knowledge and legal skills/experience.

Our  law offices are distributed over Hong Kong. This enables our lawyers to provide legal services convenient to clients. Time saved means money saved.